CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Senior prom was ruined for some Chandler teenagers after they were attacked by a group of men outside a fast food restaurant on the way home. Police are investigating the attack that sent the kids to the hospital.

One student says it happened after the prom when they stopped to get food at a Jack in the Box on 7th Street and Buckeye Road. “It was just fight or flight, and I chose flight, which was the right choice,” he said. What started as a night to remember ended in terror, and they say the assault ruined their senior prom. “We got back on the party bus and were like oh, let’s go somewhere to eat,” the student said. Table Legs

Chandler teens attacked by group of men in Jack in the Box parking lot after prom

After prom, the group jumped in their private party bus and asked the driver to take them to the Jack in the Box. But once they got off the bus, things went downhill. “Three cars pulled up and 12 grown men jumped out and started shouting stuff like, ‘this is our territory, you guys need to leave,’” the teen said.

As the group tried to leave, that’s when things escalated. “I was pushed, my head hit the drive thru wall and the guy grazed me as I was stumbling and running back to the bus. Another guy came and just clocked me right in the mouth and split open my lip,” he explained.

The night ended in a visit to the emergency room. “Got seven stitches, three on the outside, three on the inside, and one right in the middle. I got a CAT scan to make sure I didn’t have a concussion or my jaw wasn’t broken. Luckily it wasn’t,” he explained. The teen was just thankful the situation didn’t escalate further. “It would’ve went way worse. When I was in the situation it just happened so quick I didn’t have any time to think,” he said.

Arizona’s Family contacted Chandler Unified School District but has not heard back.

Chandler teens attacked by group of men in Jack in the Box parking lot after prom

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